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Sew a Little Peace in the World with this Free Dove Applique Pattern [PDF]

free dove applique pattern

Add the bright, peaceful energy of this applique dove to your home. Perfect for a pillow, baby blanket, or wall hanging. We framed ours. The dove pattern is only about 4 inches (10cm) square, so you can complete this project in less than an hour.

If you want to brush up on your machine applique techniques, we’ve posted our top tips here.

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Materials framed dove applique on wall

  • ¼ yd. (25cm) blue fabric for background (or a piece of fabric 5″x5″ [25cm x 25cm])
  • 1/8 yd. (12cm) white fabric for dove (or a piece of fabric 4½”x4½” [12cm x 12cm])
  • Transfer paper (or use your preferred method for transferring patterns)
  • Blue thread
  • White thread
  • Iron-on bonding web
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • Hand sewing needle (optional)
  • 4″ square picture frame


  1. Print the Dove Applique Pattern [PDF].
  2. Cut one copy of the square Background pattern from the blue fabric. Finish the edges with zigzag stitches.
  3. Use the transfer paper and the instructions that come with the bonding web to create an iron-on applique of the Dove pattern with the white fabric. Be sure to transfer the marking for the eye, too. Fuse the applique to the background fabric.
  4. Cut a 5″ (13cm) square of stabilizer and place it under the fabric.
  5. Continuing with the blue thread, sew the eye of the dove with a few very close zigzag stitches. To make an especially nice finish, use a hand sewing needle to pull the ends of the thread through to the wrong side of the fabric before before trimming it.
  6. how to machine applique

  7. Rethread the machine with the white thread. Machine applique the edges of the dove. (Get detailed machine applique techniques here.)
  8. Carefully tear away the stabilizer.
  9. Place the finished the dove in the picture frame.


Want to know when we post new patterns? Follow the blog (see the side column).

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