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New Hebrew Aleph-Bet Quilt Topper – In 2 Colorways

Hebrew letters quilt top for crib quilt
This quilt topper with the letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet is just the right size to make a crib or toddler-sized quilt or blanket. It’s the newest fabric design in my Spoonflower shop, where you can order it in a wide variety of fabrics.

It this photo the panel is printed on Kona cotton, making it great for quilting. And you can also order it in other fabrics, such as canvas, fleece, jersey, denim –altogether more than twenty woven and knit fabrics. You can explore all the fabric choices on Spoonflower’s ordering page for the Hebrew letters quilt top.

Hebrew letters quilt top

I’ve introduced the design in two color variations, the multi-color version with a teal border and a second version in navy, grey and yellow. I’d be interested in other color combinations people would like to see this in, so if you’re interested in a different color combination let me know at maria.bywater{at}

The panel is printed on one yard of fabric. The panel itself is 36”x41”.

In case you’re not familiar with how Spoonflower works, when you order a fabric designs, you choose your fabric and the number of yards you’d like. Spoonflower will custom print the design onto your preferred fabric and ship it directly to you. For this design, one yard gets you one fabric panel or one quilt or blanket.

Hebrew yud yonah doveThe design incorporates the twenty-two basic letters of the Hebrew alphabet and also three Jewish symbols: the hamsa, the dove, and the Magen David or Star of David.

I’ve been working on the letter forms for this design for more than 18 months, going back to them every month or two to take a fresh look and refine them. I’m really excited now to be able to send them out into the world. The letters started out as an experiment in developing letterforms that would work especially well as appliques, but as I worked on them I thought they’d be most useful to fellow sewists as a quilt topper that could be turned quickly into a baby or toddler blanket for a new baby or a Hanukkah gift.

Here are links to the Spoonflower ordering pages:

Hebrew aleph-bet quilt top in multi-color teal:
Hebrew letters quilt top for crib quilt

Hebrew aleph-bet quilt top in navy, grey, and yellow:
Hebrew letters quilt top