Tallit / tallit bag

New “We will build this world with love” embroidery pattern

tallit bag embroidered Hebrew Olam chesed yibaneh
Here’s a new version of the Olam chesed yibaneh embroidery pattern. Earlier this year I posted a hand embroidery pattern for a tallit atarah (neckpiece) with the theme Olam chesed yibaneh. The English translation is “We will build this world with love” or “We will build this world with kindness.” The design was inspired by all the people who put themselves on the line to build a better world.

This summer, I had the opportunity to embroider the atarah for a special client who also requested a matching tallit bag. So I developed a variation on the pattern for the tallit bag. I thought I’d share that pattern with you here on the blog.

hand embroidery pattern for tallit atarahIn the atarah version of the pattern, some of the Hebrew letters are elongated in the style of hand written Hebrew manuscripts, to make the Hebrew phrase the same length as the English version. In this new pattern, all of the letters are a standard width. The letters are also shorter than in the atarah pattern.

For the tallit bag, we placed the embroidered phrase on the lower right side of the tallit bag.

I hope you find the pattern inspiring for your own work.

Get the new pattern to print or download here: Olam Chesed Yibaneh Embroidery Pattern

See the post with the original atarah pattern here: Hand Embroidery Pattern for Tallit Atarah: “We Will Build this World with Love”

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