Kippah Sewing Pattern

Kippah sewing pattern yarlmulke

Kippah Sewing Pattern Yarmulke

Kippah (yarmulke) sewing pattern in PDF format

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Jewish sewing patternsThis pattern is one of 18 projects and patterns in the book Sew Jewish. If you’d like the complete book, it’s available in paperback at Amazon and PDF format in the Sew Jewish shop.


PDF sewing pattern for kippah, or yarmulke. This design has a lower profile than typical kippahs — the middle of the kippah sits closer to the head than typical commercial versions for a more refined look.

Easy step-by-step instructions with illustrations. Suitable for beginners.

This style kippah is typically made from satin, but you can use just about any medium weight fabric.

Kippah is lined.

Finished size: 6¼” (15.9cm) diameter (Change the size by changing the size of the pattern when you print.)

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