The Royal Pomegranate

Pomegranate applique pattern

The pomegranate’s natural crown fits its royal status among Jewish symbols. Widely referenced in the Bible, it’s one of the seven agricultural species symbolizing the abundance of the Promised Land. God’s instructions for the High Priest’s robe include decorative pomegranates woven into the hem. King Solomon had pomegranates carved into the crowns of the columns flanking the entrance to the Temple. And in the Song of Songs, the fruit represents romance as well as God’s love for the Jewish nation. In folk traditions, the fruit’s many seeds represent the Jewish community’s good deeds as well as the Torah’s 613 mitzvot. Abundance, the Promised Land, love, romance, mitzvot, and good deeds. No wonder the pomegranate rules in Jewish design.


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  1. Wonderful paragraph on the pomegranate. Would it be okay to print it in the Paper Pomegranate for Guild members to read?


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