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New Mini Quilt Pattern: Sew Peace

I’m excited to release my first pattern of the year, a mini quilt pattern featuring folk symbols of peace, protection, and love. The pattern name is Sew Peace.

You can order the PDF quilt pattern starting today in the shop: Sew Peace Mini Quilt Pattern.

Five of the symbols incorporated in the quilt are ones I’ve written about in past posts: blue eye, fish, rose, dove, and hamsa.

The sixth symbol, the olive branch, also carries an association with peace. The olive branch is probably most widely associated with the Biblical narrative of Noah and the flood. When the rain stopped and Noah released a dove from the ark, the dove returned carrying an olive branch, so Noah knew that the flood waters were receding, and the land was healing.

In some Sephardi Jewish communities, grooms traditionally wear olive wreaths on their heads. The Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols suggests the practice may have originated as an expression of hope for shalom bayit, a peaceful home.

With all these symbols combined, this little mini quilt pattern really does capture the feeling of a peaceful home.

I started playing around with ideas for this quilt last summer. As options for buying new fabrics got squeezed, I decided to try to create something using small pieces of fabric that I had on hand. This mini quilt pattern is the result. The quilt top is made from small blocks and appliques that can be made from small fabric pieces.

The fabrics I used to create the sample quilt came almost entirely from fabric scraps that I had on hand, so I’m not able to tell you exactly the source, but I know the identity of two of the fabrics and can pass on places where you can find them online:

  • Dark blue background blocks for the blue eye and dove: “Kisses” in navy by Riley Blake. Currently available from the Etsy shop TheQuiltersCrossing.
  • The dark blue with polka dots used for the binding: This was the one fabric I didn’t buy locally. It was a fat quarter bundle offered on Amazon called the Dark Blue Print Series.

To order the PDF pattern, visit the shop: Sew Peace Mini Quilt Pattern.