Sparks of Inspiration

What Do You Enjoy Most About Sewing: A Reader Poll are so many reasons to enjoy sewing — what are your favorites? What are the favorites of the Sew Jewish community? Choose your top three from the list below and hit the “Vote” button to see the poll results so far. (If you don’t see one of your favorite things about sewing on the list, you can add it in the comment section.)

Thanks for sharing your favorites!

Update October 5, 2016: Thanks to everyone who voted for sharing their perspective. The voting is closed, and you can see the results by clicking the link at the bottom of the poll. Spoiler alert: The most popular reason people chose for sewing is creating something personal and unique. Click the link to see the rest of the results.

(Image: Marie-Thérèse Durand-Ruel by Auguste Renoir via Wikimedia Commons)