More Adventures in Six-Pointed Stars: Snowflakes!

Usually I post Fabric Friday swatches on the Facebook page, but this week I found a bunch of fabrics that I wanted to share, and that calls for a blog post.

This week’s fabric theme is snowflakes. Have you ever noticed that the snowflakes on snowflake patterned fabrics often have six points? These subtle graphic variations on the Magen David make them great for Hanukkah-themed sewing projects. And some of them, like the Elegant Jeweled Snowflakes pattern by designer Karen Dale, the last fabric on the list, work wonderfully for projects year round.

These fabrics are all on Spoonflower. Click to go to the product page.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Snowflakes midst the blizzard
Hanukkah Snowflakes (Sky)
Snowflakes Mustard
snowflake on red linen || holiday
Purple Snowflake Weave  ©2013 by Jane Walker
Floral winter
Mod Flakes


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