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The First Step in Making Your Unique Wedding Chuppah Is Already Finished

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Do you embroider, applique, do silk painting or other creative fabric technique? Have you ever dreamed about creating a unique wedding chuppah for yourself or someone else but weren’t sure how to get started?

Well, I can take care of the first step for you: sewing the canopy. In the Sew Jewish Shop you’ll now find a white silk wedding chuppah canopy that is ready for you to personalize and make uniquely your own through embroidery, applique, silk painting, dyeing, or any number of creative techniques.

Of course, the simple white canopy is also beautiful by itself without any added embellishment.

You’ll need to add the poles or a frame like the one in the photo above to hold the canopy. The frame in the photo was made of birch tree branches by a local wood carver here in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Many florists can provide the frame or poles, and you can also find birch branches online at sites like Etsy.

In my other job renting my handmade chuppahs, I often hear from people who want to make their own unique chuppah and are looking for advice; what fabric to use, the best technique for finishing the edges, how to attach the canopy to the chuppah frame or poles. I’m always glad to help someone create their dream chuppah, and I thought that maybe the best thing I could do would be to use my expertise to take care of that first step of sewing the canopy so you can jump right in to the fun part of making it your own.

How would you make this white silk chuppah canopy your own?

You’ll find all the details in the Sew Jewish Shop: Silk Chuppah Canopies.