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Orange you glad it’s almost Passover? Orange fabrics for a modern Seder table

Orange Summer
Orange Summer by Justine Miller

Have you heard the story about the woman who wanted to be a rabbi and who was told by a man that “a woman belongs on the synagogue bimah the way an orange belongs on a Passover Seder plate”? The story has inspired many families, including mine, to put oranges on their Seder plates to show support for the idea of women rabbis and to celebrate Jewish women. The new tradition has become especially popular at women’s Seders.

Orange matzah coverRecently I developed a matzah cover pattern for a sewing class, and I thought it would be fun to create a version using orange fabric to continue the orange-on-the-Seder-plate theme and because orange is a bright, modern color that gives lots of energy to a table setting. If you don’t use orange fabric in your matzah cover, you could use it for a table runner or placemats. How about orange potholders?

Here are some of my favorite orange fabric finds:

Orange Blossom by Andrea Crawford on Spoonflower
Orange Blossom

Summer Orange Green by Danielle Rooijakkers on Spoonflower
Summer Orange Green

Summer Orange Blossons by Danica Irene on Spoonflower
Summer Orange Blossons

K001-1265 ORANGE Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman
K001-1265 Robert Kaufman fabrics kona cotton k001-1265
Orange Solid Shantung/Dupioni at Mood Fabrics
Orange Solid Shantung Dupioni Mood Fabrics

Orange fox polka dots on white by Sara Unrein on Spoonflower
Orange fox polka dots on white

Dimples (on orange) by Ceri Staziker on Spoonflower
Dimples (on orange)

The fabric I ended up choosing looks very much like this orange polka dot from Windham Fabrics (design 29398-8). It has that bright zesty color, an abstract suggestion of oranges, and the fun of polka dots. Orange you ready to start sewing?

Orange Polka dot fabric

Orange matzah coverUpdate: I finished my orange matzah cover. Here’s a pic. I used a new version of the matzah cover sewing pattern.

Maria Bywater is the author of Sew Jewish available from Amazon.com and in PDF format from Etsy.