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Add a lining to a challah cover with this simple technique

Challah cover with pomegranates figs quinces
Use this technique to add a lining to your challah cover and give it a clean, finished look without needing binding or trim. To illustrate, I’m the using the Cut and Sew Shalom Challah Cover fabric panel available through Spoonflower. That’s the Hebrew word “Shalom” in the center with clusters of pomegranates, figs, and quinces.

First, choose a lining fabric that has care instructions that are compatible with your cover. For example, if the cover is machine washable choose a lining that’s machine washable.

Cut a lining piece that is the same size as the cover.challah cover shalom with lining

With right sides together, sew around the cover using a ½” (12mm) seam allowance, leaving an opening of about 3″ (8cm).how to make challah cover

Trim the seam allowance to ¼” (6mm). Clip the corners — avoid cutting the thread of the to sew challah cover trim and clip

Pull the fabric through the opening and turn the cover right side out. Open the cover all the way to the seams. Press along the edges, turn the seam allowance at the opening to the inside of the cover. Pin the opening.lined challah cover turn inside out

With the front side of the challah cover facing up, sew around all sides of the cover 1/8” (3mm) from the edge. Press.Challah cover with pomegranates figs quinces

The finished size of this challah cover is 19″x16″ (48cm x 40cm), and it’s made from quilting-weight cotton. If you’re making a cover that’s larger or uses heavier fabric, leave a larger opening for turning the cover inside out.

You can find this Cut and Sew Shalom Challah Cover fabric panel at Spoonflower.