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How to Embroider a French Knot

French knot
The eye of this little dove is made with a French knot.

How to Embroider a French Knot

French knot 1A key to making a French knot is to start with the thread in front of the needle. Then, rap the thread around the needle several times. The more times you wind the thread around the needle, the larger the knot.

French knot 2Insert the needle down through the fabric at a spot close to where the thread comes out of the
fabric, but not in the exact same spot, while pulling gently on the thread to tighten the knot.

To change the size of the knot, change the number of times you wrap the thread around the needle or change the number of strands of floss.

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Maria Bywater is the author of Sew Jewish: The 18 Projects You Need for Jewish Holidays, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations, and Home. She teaches hands-on Judaica sewing workshops.