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Adventures in Mini Tallit Making

doll tallit and kippah
For the past few weeks I’ve been having fun working out how to make a doll size tallit. It’s not quite there yet, but it’s pretty close.
Doll Tallit Experiments
For my first versions I tried woven wool fabrics so I would have fibers coarse enough to make little tassels at the ends of the tallit. I’m kind of in love with these teenie tassels.
doll tallit tassels
For stripes, I experimented with machine stitches and different thread colors, including metallic silver.
doll tallit
Just as I was getting a stripe pattern I liked, I decided that what I really wanted was one big swath of color. So I switched to Dupioni silk, which I love for the texture and the bright colors.
doll tallit and kippah
It’s nearly there, I think. It still needs an atarah, and corner pieces, and tzitzit strings on the corners. I haven’t totally worked out all those details yet.

One thing I have decided is that I won’t aim to replicate a traditional pattern of knots and windings for the tzitzit strings. Instead I’ll do something that merely suggests tzitzit strings. Since it’s for a doll, I want it to be suitable for a child to play with. And I want it to be clear that it’s not intended to be an official tallit or even a replica of a tallit.

One thing I have figured out is the matching kippah. After a few attempts I came up with what seems like the perfect size and shape. Not only do I love this little kippah, I loved making it, too. It’s one of those projects that feels good in your hands, maybe because of the curved shape or maybe because of the textured silk fabric. I could spend all day making them. That is, if I didn’t have full-size projects to get back to.
doll kippah