All New: SVG Pattern for Cricut to Make Kippah Making Even Easier

SVG Pattern for Kippah with CricutI’m pretty excited. I just finished my main goal of the week, and it moves Sew Jewish into a new realm of resources for Jewish sewing.

The kippah pattern, which has been available as a PDF (as well as being one of the projects in the book) is now available as an SVG file for use with Cricut machines. So now with your Cricut machine cutting out the pieces, making your own kippah is faster and easier than ever.

The SVG version is available now for instant download in the SewJewish Etsy shop, and in the Sew Jewish blog shop.

The next step is posting SVG files for more patterns and hopefully you’ll see those becoming available through the next weeks. I’m excited about being able to make so many projects even easier.

You’ll find the SVG file for the kippah pattern on Etsy here:

SVG kippah pattern