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Use Ribbon to Sew Favor Bags that Crush the Competition

How to sew ribbon favor bags
Planning a special celebration? You don’t have to settle for those ubiquitous plain organza favor bags. We’ll show you how to sew a set of unique favor bags using fabric ribbon. The ribbon’s pre-finished edges mean you can sew up a set of bags fast with just a few simple seams.

For Hanukkah, fill them with dreidels and gelt. For Purim, they become charming little bundles of mishloach manot. For a sit-down dinner at a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah or dinner party, choose fabric that coordinates with your table setting and let the favor bags do double duty as part of the tablescape decorations.

Use fabric ribbon rather than standard gift-wrap ribbon. You’ll find suitable ribbon in a range of fabrics, including luxurious options like satin and velvet. We chose organza decorated with sequins, glitter, and gold stripes. Avoid metallic ribbons, which will rip if they are handled a lot. If you choose wired ribbon, remove the wire before sewing.

Hot tip: You’ll most likely find fabric ribbon at the right price point for this project at a craft supply store rather than a fabric store.

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Ribbon Favor Bag Materials

Fabric ribbon, at least 4″ (10cm) wide
Ribbon or braid, ¼”-½” (6-12mm) wide
Fray check (only needed if narrow ribbon or braid frays easily)
Small safety pin (optional but helpful)


Cut an 18″ (46cm) length of ribbon.

Fold each end under 1½” (4cm). Turn under again.

Sew across the folded fabric close to the inner fold. Sew again ½” (12mm) away inside the fold. This creates a casing for the narrow, drawstring ribbon.

Fold the ribbon in half to form the pouch, with the right side of the ribbon on the inside. Use a ¼” (6mm) seam allowance to sew up the two long sides of the pouch – but stop below the casing.

ribbon party favor bag

Optional (This step will help the bag stand up on a table or place setting): Push the center of the bottom edge toward the middle of the bag and pinch the corners flat, as in the photo. Sew a seam across each corner, about ½” (12mm) from the corner.

How to sew a party favor bag

Turn the bag right side out. Press the seams with your fingers.

Cut two 12″ (30cm) lengths of the narrow ribbon. If the ribbon frays easily, use fray check to seal the cut ends.

Thread one length of ribbon through both sides of the casing and knot the ends together — attaching the safety pin to the end of the ribbon can make getting the ribbon through the casing easier. Thread the second length of ribbon through the casing, starting from the opposite side from where you began the first ribbon, and knot the ends together. If any of the ribbon ends are frayed, trim them.

Pull the two knots to close the bag.

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