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Win Hanukkah gift giving with a doll version of a special sewing project

Hanukkah sewing gifts dolls
Doll versions of pretty much anything win over a lot of young hearts. So for Hanukkah gift giving, think made-for-play versions of something you sewed during the year, like a quilt, challah cover, or dress. Bonus: You might have enough fabric left over from the original project that you won’t need to buy any new materials.

The year both of my daughters decided to be Marie Antoinette for Purim, I capitalized on all the late-night hours I spent sewing their costumes by making mini versions of the dresses for their dolls as Hanukkah gifts.

Of course, for a project pairing like this, you can create the life-size and doll dresses as coordinating Hanukkah gifts. That’s two nights sorted.

For the Purim costumes I used American colonial style patterns. One is still currently available as I write this at Simplicity, pattern 3725. Pattern 2817 makes another great option.

Tip: To help give full skirts volume choose fabrics that are heavy or stiff.

Disney Princess dress pattern

The doll-size dresses are based on Simplicity’s Disney Princess doll clothing, pattern 1581. I changed some of the details to mirror the designs of the larger dresses. The blue gown comes from the Ariel dress pattern, and the purple gown started as the dress intended for Snow White. The sleeves of both dresses were made short and finished with lace or eyelet trim. The bodice designs were both reworked to add center pieces so that I could include a lot of the details that sell the larger dresses: eyelet trim at the collar of the blue dress, a lace overlay to the purple bodice, and ribbon ties for both. Of course, you wouldn’t have to take the time to make these changes to create a dress that any little princess would love.

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