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Who Sewed All Those Elaborate Temple Garments?


This Shabbat most synagogues will read the Torah portion Tetzaveh, in which God tells Moses what clothes the priests should wear when serving in the Temple — a hat, trousers, tunic, and belt, and additional garments for the High Priest — and also how to make them. But the Torah doesn’t say who sewed them. Ellen Frankel answers: Who do you think? This from her Five Books Of Miriam: A Woman’s Commentary on the Torah:

…We can make a pretty good educated guess! Given that women have been the primary weavers and tailors in every culture since before recorded time, it’s likely that it was the Israelite women who knit, sewed, and ripped.

(Image: Lord Frederic Leighton – Winding the Skein – Google Art Project via Wikimedia Commons)