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Watch How Computerized Sewing Machines Sew Eyelets [Videos]

In my last two posts I mentioned that you can use the eyelet setting on many models of computerized sewing and embroidery machines to quickly create reinforced holes for the tzitzit strings on your tallis (tallit, tallith, prayer shawl). I thought you might like to see that magic in action. Here are two videos that show off the eyelet setting on two lines of computerized sewing machines. Bernina is above. Pfaff is below.

A few points: Other brands of computerized machines also have this function. Not all models of Bernina and Pfaff machines sport eyelet settings, and for those that do you might have to buy an additional presser foot or other accessories.

Don’t have a computerized machine? You can still sew beautiful tzitzit holes on a simple machine using only straight and zigzag stitches using our free printable pattern. To use it, take a look at our written instructions or watch the video tutorial.