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Hey, Supermom, Here’s Your Purim Costume Sorted

Supermom t-shirt
To all you Supermoms out there, we know you’re busy saving the world 365. And with Purim coming up, you’re going to make sure everyone else has a costume before you think about your own. So to make things a little easier on you this holiday, we’re sharing my Supermom costume idea from a few years ago (easily adapted for Superdads).

Start with a plain t-shirt — like this one from a craft supply store or something more fashionable. Make the shield using two different fabrics and iron-on adhesive, and use more iron-on adhesive to attach the whole thing to the t-shirt (Is there a blessing to recite when you use iron-on adhesive? There should be. It’s the best thing since sliced challah). Finish the edges of the shield and the letters with zigzag stitches (machine applique tips).

I used a shiny poly satin, but go ahead and use any fabric you have on hand. Pastel calicos make their own statement.

New Look Cape PatternIf you’re more of a Supermom than me, you can make yourself a cape to go with it. Like this one from Simplicity’s Project Runway line. Ooh, you deserve one of those, Supermom.

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