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How to Sew the Pomegranate Atarah for a Tallit | Video Tutorial

Machine applique sewing tutorial videoAdd a beautiful silk atarah (neckpiece) to your handmade tallit. We show you how in this video tutorial to accompany the new pomegranate-themed atarah pattern available in the shop. We’ve included lots of details and tips for machine applique with silk, so even if you’re a beginning sewing enthusiast you can create a lovely atarah that makes your tallit extra special.

Here are some of the special how-to features in this video:

  1. How to create machine applique pieces from silk fabric — it’s a lot like using cotton fabrics, with some simple but important differences.
  2. Machine applique tips, especially for new sewing enthusiasts.
  3. A simple but extra-special technique for finishing the ends of the applique threads like a pro.
  4. How to sew holes in the corner pieces for your tallit’s tzitzit strings.

This is our longest video yet, clocking in at just a bit longer than a rerun of The Office, and we’re kind of curious about whether you prefer videos like this, which explain how to sew whole projects, or shorter videos focused on specific techniques. We’re interested in any feedback you want to give us in the comment section.

Find the pomegranate atarah pattern — ready for immediate download and printing — in the shop.

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