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How to Sew a Dress from Scarves – And More Video Gems from British Pathe

When we heard that British Pathé, which maintains seventy years worth of historic news reels, uploaded 85,000 videos to YouTube this week, we had to search the archives for sewing-themed video gems. Here are some of our favorites. Steel yourself for some unfortunate gender stereotyping, but if you can get through that, you can learn how to sew a dress from two scarves and a bra from handkerchiefs.

Dresses From Scarves (1952) – In only an hour.

How to Make a Bra from Two Handkerchiefs, 1921 [HD] – You go, girl!

Her Majesty’s Sewing Bee (1939) – The royal household pitches in to help the Red Cross and the troops.

Scarf Wear (1944) – OK, this isn’t a sewing video, strictly speaking, but we lurve it.