Not Since Fiddler on the Roof: A Musical with a Jewish Wedding

Dubroff family photo for Gefilte Fish Chronicles Musical
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Fans of the award-winning PBS documentary The Gefilte Fish Chronicles will be glad to hear it’s being turned into a musical, currently in development and playing in theaters around New York and New Jersey. The play tells the story of the colorful Dubroff family who immigrated from Russia. The Dubroffs are about family, and the musical plays out around the planned wedding of one daughter, Basha. There’s a huppah!

I got to watch a bare-bone but heart-warming version of the production last weekend in Newburgh, New York, where Dubroffs often gathered for Passover Seders and where the story takes place (and which happens to be one of the towns where I grew up). The theater, Just Off Broadway, sits just down the road from the one-time location of the Dubroff family’s pocketbook factory.

Will the show make it to Broadway? I hope so. To see where it plays next, check their website (For those of you reading this at work, I’ll note that music from the show launches automatically when you visit the site. And for those of you in the mood for a rousing show tune, I assure you that music from the show launches right away when you visit the site. Heck, if you’re really in the mood for show tunes, here’s a link right to the musical’s audio page. Enjoy!)

The show was written by Matty Selman and Iris Burnett, a member of the extended Dubroff clan. Music and lyrics by Matty Selman.

(Image: Publicity image from Gefilte Fish Chronicles: The Musical)