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How to Make Your Own Wedding Chuppah Pole Stands [Video]

Are you sewing a wedding chuppah? In this video we show you how to make stands for the chuppah poles using flower pots, PVC piping, and about $10 worth of concrete. The stands are very much like the stands we’ve used for huppah rentals at our sister site, They’re very steady.

Bill Bywater gives chuppah stand adviceThis is my favorite video tutorial so far because I got to work with my brother, Bill Bywater. Bill is a commercial sculptor who works a lot with concrete, and in the video he gives some real pro tips.

Watch it above or on YouTube.

In this video you’ll learn:

* Tips for determining the diameter of the chuppah poles you’ll need.
* The types of containers that work best as stands.
* What the ideal consistency of the concrete-water mix looks like to make strong concrete.
* How to put it all together and get a good snug fit between your poles and the stands.

If you make these stands, we’d love to hear about any decorations you add.

Thanks, Bill!