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Chuppah Frames for Your Canopy

copper chuppah frame bobsgeneralstore

Photo: M Hillman

One of the most fun developments of Jewish wedding planning over the past few years has been the emergence of DIY kits that enable couples to build their own chuppah frames. While the first kits on offer were almost entirely made from birch branches, you can now find chuppah kits using a variety of materials.

I thought I’d share a few of the chuppah frame kits that my canopy clients used this year. I’ve also included details about the size canopy used for each frame. All the kits are available through Etsy. (This article contains affiliate links to the kits.)

As you shop for your chuppah frame, be sure to read each product listing fully so you get all the details, and if you have any questions be sure to contact the shop owner.
wedding chuppah Sew Jewish
Birch branches are now a classic choice for chuppah frames, and this birch branch chuppah frame by AnniesCreek has become an Etsy best seller. It’s been the frame of choice for a number of my clients, and I even chose it to take photos of the satin canopies in my shop. The ends of the top branches extend beyond upright poles in this design, so I paired AnniesCreek’s 7’x7’ frame with a 6’x6’ canopy.

This driftwood frame is 6’x6′ with 7′ tall poles. This frame, which is available on Etsy from NorthIdahoDrift, was paired with a 6’x’6 satin canopy by one of my clients.

Driftwood is another option if you’re looking for natural wood. This driftwood chuppah frame by NorthIdahoDrift came to my attention through my client, Michelle L., who used it with a 6’x6’ satin canopy. Look for the wedding photo she posted in the reviews in my Etsy shop, where you can see how she styled the chuppah with green garlands and a backdrop of cascading fairy lights.

copper chuppah frame bobsgeneralstore

Photo: M Hillman

A copper chuppah frame looks modern and polished. This copper chuppah frame is from BobsGeneralStore and is also a best seller on Etsy. It’s available in a range of sizes.

For a client who chose a 5’x5’ (60”x60”) copper frame, we made a silk canopy that was 57”x57”. The slightly smaller size enabled the client to pull the canopy taught so that it laid nearly flat across the top of the frame. For a canopy that drapes in the middle, you could use a larger size canopy.

For more about choosing a canopy size you might want to take a look at this blog post: How to Determine the Size of Canopy You Need for Your Wedding Chuppah Frame


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