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Samantha Models the Mini Tallit and Kippah

American Girl Doll with tallit and kippah
First of all, an apology and a correction, because the name of the doll modeling this tallit and kippah set is not Rebecca, as I reported on Instagram, but Samantha. My daughter caught the error. So my apologies to Rebecca and Samantha for not remembering which one has bangs.

But Samantha does look pretty cute in her tallit and kippah. I’m pleased to report that I’ve finalized the details of the doll size tallit since my last post. I added the printed atarah, the corner pieces, and the “tzitzit” strings.
Doll tallit and kippah
For the “tzitzit” strings I used silk embroidery thread. The strings are tied with a series of knots and windings that doesn’t exactly match a traditional pattern for tzitzit strings, but they suggest classic tzitzit.

I’ve made a limited number of the mini tallit and kippah sets and made them available in the SewJewish Shop on Etsy. They’re sized to fit 18″ dolls. Also teddy bears.

They’re available in three colors. Stephanie is modeling the raspberry purple tallit. The sets are also available in slate blue and olive green. Take a look.

Doll tallit tzitzit