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Machine Applique Pointers for Sharp Points – Video Tutorial

Star of David machine applique tutorial thumbnail

When doing machine applique, turning sharp corners can be tricky. I’m talking about the kind of sharp corners you find on a star, like a Star of David. As you approach a pointed corner and the applique narrows to a point, the stitches become wider than the applique. The stitches can end up spilling onto the background fabric, looking less than neat and also obscuring the sharp point. On the other hand, if you dial down the stitch width, you risk making the stitches so narrow they may not hold the applique securely.

I’ve developed a little technique for appliqueing those sharp corners that leaves them both neat and secure. The trick is easier to show than to explain, so I made a video.

Scroll down for the video, but on the way here’s a free Star of David Pattern to download or print. Use it to practice your points and to add Stars of David to your projects with confidence.
Star of David PDF pattern

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