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Here’s an Easy Way to Sew Tzitzit Holes in Your Tallit [Video]

When you’re sewing a tallit, making holes in the corners for the tzitzit strings can be tricky if your sewing machine can’t make eyelet circles automatically. We’ve come to the rescue with a technique you can use with any sewing machine. This video explains. It’s full of details and tips, so even beginning sewists can get great results. (If the video here doesn’t play on your device, here’s a link to the video on YouTube.)

Here’s a link to the free printable pattern referred to in the video.

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • An easy way to make great-looking tzitzit holes for your tallit.
  • Tips for beautiful results when using our free pattern and placement guide.
  • Why I was terrible at selling computerized sewing machines even though I loved demonstrating them.

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Find a written version of the instructions here.

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Alternate spellings: tallis, tallith